10 Train Crossing Coloring Pages

10 Train Crossing Coloring Pages

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GOOD MORNING! Sunday evening, March 31st, begins the aftermost two canicule of Pesach — a full-fledged ceremony which extends through Tuesday night, April 2nd. The bridge of the Yam Soof, usually translated as the Red Sea, added accurately translated as “The Reed Sea” or “Sea of Reeds,” took abode on this day. And appropriately connected the 50 day adventure through the arid alive on self-perfection until accepting the Torah on Mt. Sinai.

How do we activate to advance ourselves? It starts with seeing a charge for change, again a accommodation to change — and a plan. The problem: we’re not in a hurry; we anticipate we accept affluence of time. What if you had a appropriate alarm on top of your television that was counting bottomward the hours and annual until you were to die? Back would you get up, about-face off the TV and do all the things that you planned to do, hoped to do or in casual anticipation about doing?

And what if in accession to your appropriate clock, you had a appropriate coffer annual area every morning you were accustomed in your coffer annual with $86,400 dollars on activity that you had to absorb it all or lose it? What would you do? Absorb it!! Well, you do accept a appropriate coffer annual alleged the Coffer of Time! Ceremony day you accept absolutely 86,400 seconds. What you don’t advance wisely is accounting off ceremony night. You can acquire dividends, but you can’t go into overdraft!

One has to amount his time and apperceive that it is bound in adjustment to change. The Sephirat HaOmer aeon is about account time and about changing.


On the additional day of Pesach, the Omer alms from the new barley crop was brought in the Temple in Jerusalem. It began a aeon of counting and alertness for Shavuot, the ceremony of the giving of the Torah and the annual anniversary of re-accepting the Torah aloft ourselves. This aeon is alleged Sephirat HaOmer, the counting of the Omer.

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Ironhorse Army Train Coloring Pages YesColoring Free Military | Train Crossing Coloring Pages

Forty-nine canicule are counted and on the fiftieth day is Shavuot, the Yom Tov adulatory the giving of the Torah. There is absolutely a account to calculation ceremony specific day which is done at the achievement of Ma’ariv, the black service.

This is a aeon of civic semi-mourning (no weddings or alike haircuts). It was during this aeon that Rabbi Akiva’s 24,000 acceptance died for not assuming acceptable account for ceremony other. It is a time for us to reflect how we attending aloft and amusement our adolescent Jews as able-bodied as the tragedies that accept befallen us because of unfounded (self-justified) hatred. It is a admirable time to undertake to do an added act of kindness; this will advice accompany accomplishment to the apple and accord amidst Jews.

There are two community for celebratory the semi-mourning period. The aboriginal is to beam it from the end of Pesach until the 33rd day of the Omer, this year Sunday, April 28th. Many bodies get affiliated on the 33rd day of the Omer for this reason. The additional custom is to beam it from Rosh Chodesh Iyar (the alpha of the ages of the Hebrew ages of Iyar, April 10th) until Shavuot (starting Tuesday evening, May 14th). Unusual for our heritage, one can accept ceremony year which custom to follow!

These 50 canicule additionally accord to the seven weeks afterwards the Exodus from Egypt back the Jewish bodies able themselves to accept the Torah at Mt. Sinai. Back we larboard Egypt we were on the 49th akin of Tuma, airy degradation. Ceremony day we climbed one footfall college in adherence and holiness. Many bodies abstraction one of the “48 Ways to Wisdom” (Ethics of the Fathers, 6:6) ceremony day as a agency to claimed and airy growth. Rabbi Noah Weinberg, the abundant drillmaster and architect of Aish HaTorah, has his flagship alternation of lectures of the 48 Ways accessible on cd — accessible by calling (800) 864-2373. They are additionally accessible in mp3 architecture via AishAudio.com . I anticipate of this alternation as the “Jewish Dale Carnegie Course” for accepting the best out of life! It will be one of the abundant purchases in your life! For added on Sephirat HaOmer and the 48 Ways go to ShabbatShalomAudio.com !

Torah Portion of the WeekShabbat Chol HaMoed Pesach

 (Shabbat of the average Canicule of Passover) Exodus 33:12 – 34:26(We additionally apprehend Shir HaShirim, King Solomon’s Song of Songs)

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railroad crossing coloring page – Clip Art Library | Train Crossing Coloring Pages

Moses pleads with the Almighty not to accelerate an angel in His place, but to accompany the Jewish bodies Himself through the expedition in the wilderness alike admitting they had sinned with the Golden Calf. Moses asks the Almighty to acknowledge how He interacts with the cosmos (it is a mystical interchange). Again the Almighty commands Moses to carve two bean tablets and to arise Mt. Sinai so that He can bite the backup tablets for the set that Moses bankrupt at the breach with the Golden Calf.

The Almighty reveals his Thirteen Attributes of Benevolence (Exodus 34:5) which we echo on Yom Kippur and added times of gluttonous the Almighty’s mercy. Moses asks the Almighty to absolve the Jewish people. The Almighty renews the Acceding with the Jewish bodies advantageous us not to access into a acceding with the citizenry of the land, not accomplish aqueous gods, to beam the Festival of Matzos, laws of aboriginal built-in issue, to accumulate the Shabbat, bless Shavuot and Sukkot and ends with different laws of offerings.

Dvar Torah

In the adventure of the Exodus of Egypt, the Almighty commands Moshe to appeal a 3 day retreat to the arid for the Jewish people, admitting the absorbed was to leave Egypt permanently. The Almighty is not a bluff nor a liar. Why was it done in this manner?

The Vilna Gaon comments that there are two added times area the Almighty acclimated bamboozlement — Jacob’s affairs with his father-in-law, Lavan, and during the Purim story. The Almighty enabled Jacob to use bamboozlement to accept his fair wages. The flocks produced baby with the appearance — that according to Jacob’s acceding with Lavan — would accord to Jacob. In the Purim story, the Midrash acquaint us that the Almighty beatific angels dressed as agents to antagonistic Haman so that Achashverosh would not air-conditioned off from his acrimony at Haman for absent to annihilate Esther and her people.

The Almighty is consistently sending us letters for us to admit our mistakes and be able to actual them. With commendations to Pharaoh, Lavan and Haman — ceremony one acclimated deception. Pharaoh apprenticed the Jews by accepting a “National Work Day” area the Jews volunteered their activity — and again he kept them as slaves. Lavan commissioned Leah for Rachel appropriately artful Jacob. Haman bamboozled Achashverosh about the bodies he admired to exterminate. Thus, the Almighty alternate admeasurement for admeasurement so that ceremony could apprentice his lesson.

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How to Draw Railroad Crossing Coloring Pages Toys Train for Children | Train Crossing Coloring Pages

CANDLE LIGHTING – March 29(or go to http://www.aish.com/sh/c/)

Jerusalem 6:21Guatemala 5:56 – Hong Kong 6:19 – Honolulu 6:27J’Burg 5:51 – London 6:10 – Los Angeles 6:53Melbourne 7:01 – Mexico City 6:31 – Miami 7:19New York 6:59 – Singapore 6:55 – Toronto 7:22


A activity of acknowledgment is a activity of slavery, intellectually and spirituallyOne charge activity for a activity of action, not reaction– Rita Mae Brown

Raphael & Dorothy Elkayam

A Sweet & Healthy Pesach to all of my admired readers!

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